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Why Bigger Picture Holdings

If you want to build wealth and live life on your terms, then you need to go beyond standard investments.  Our hassle-free, real estate investment opportunities allow you to invest in real estate and reap the benefits without having to deal with the frustrations of being a landlord.

All you have to do is make the initial investment and then sit back and relax and let Bigger Picture Holdings take it from there.

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The Benefits of Real Estate Investments

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What is a Real Estate Syndication

Real estate syndication brings the power of group buying to the world of real estate investing. A group of individual investors can invest in bigger, more valuable properties than each person could afford alone. Syndication is an effective way for a group of investors to pool their financial resources and make smart investments. Multifamily commercial properties like apartment complexes and condo communities are some of the most profitable projects for real estate syndicates.

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How It Works

As a leading real estate syndication company, Bigger Picture Holding locates investment projects and presents them to our investor group. Individual investors have the opportunity to examine the deal and decide if they want to join in.

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Demystify The Art of Performing Due Diligence

As a passive investor in syndications, how do you choose the right deal? Are you wondering what kind of due diligence you need to perform on the sponsor and the deal itself?

Fill out the form below to learn more and grab our FREE due diligence checklist.

Money Tree Real Estate Investor Podcast

Do Money Trees Really Exist? Yes! Investing in Real Estate is how you can plant your very own Money Tree. We are teaching busy professionals how to utilize their finances to passively grow their wealth through real estate investing. We interview professionals from many walks of life who discovered the numerous benefits of investing in real estate. We will learn from their successes and failures to help you start your journey towards financial freedom. Just like planting a seed that becomes a huge tree in time, investing in Real Estate today can create generational wealth. For more daily content follow William Holland on LinkedIn. Subscribe to the Bigger Picture Holdings YouTube channel. Join Our Investor List.
Remember “Money Really Does Grow on Trees.”

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Our Portfolio

Harmony Plaza I+II

– 170 units

– Atlanta, GA

– Co-General Partner

Bozeman Silos

– 247 units

– Bozeman, MT

– Limited Partner

Genoble Ridge

– 232 units

– Greenville, SC

– Limited Partner

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Our Client’s Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure if real estate syndication is right for you? Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.


Yes, we work with accredited and non-accredited (or sophisticated) investors to invest in our multifamily opportunities. Click the link for Investopedia’s definition.


Any investment carries risk. While we cannot guarantee anything, real estate—and in particular, multifamily real estate syndication—has proven to be among the safest investments available. Remember: rent keeps rising. Our process of uncovering devalued assets and turning them into desirable ones is a proven one. And we also invest right alongside our investors.


Multifamily housing has a variety of benefits for investors, including predictable returns, single-asset ownership, and significant tax savings. Real estate is very stable compared to the equities market. Workforce housing is undersupplied around the country with very little new stock in the development pipeline, and demand is increasing.


You can learn more about our future investment opportunities by signing up here as an investor. You will then be able to schedule a call with William at your convenience to discuss how to move forward as an investor.

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