Passive Investing

Passive Investing

Time is the most valuable thing that each person has. Most people spend their time as if it were an endless commodity. We work and can’t wait for the weekend. We work and can’t wait for vacation. We work and can’t wait for retirement. The moment where we have saved enough money to be able to live off the rest of our lives. Since the mid-1990’s, the retirement age for Men has risen from 62 to 64, and from 60 to 62 for Women. This trend has risen for several reasons including changes to Social Security incentives and declining retiree health insurance. Other reasons include rising taxes, and inflation. In retirement, around 33% of retirees return to work to make more money. Many of whom are working out of necessity, according to the Federal Reserve Board.

Most people spend their time working for money. Through their 9-5 job, they can provide for their family and set aside some extra money for the future. In the similar category are self-employed business owners with few employees. While they have more ownership of their time, they often spend a considerable amount of time over the typical 40-hour, week to keep the ship sailing in the right direction. Both methods can provide happy lives, but often financial woes will be experienced.

It seems that most people are following this easily carved out path for life. However, there is also a different approach. This may seem like a pipe dream, but it is a reality for millions. The key to this lifestyle is passive investing. A method of investing and preparing for the future that allows people to look forward to the week as much as the weekend. That allows them to vacation often through the year and live exactly where they want to because they have flexibility with their employment. A way of life that allows them to spend less time preparing for retirement and more time with their friends and family, serving and pursuing their passions NOW.

There is another group of people who are to leverage their skills and resources to begin trading money for time. This can be done through business ownership with numerous employees. Owning a large business provides a great opportunity for employees and allows the owner to begin leveraging the passion, skills, and time of their employees to build wealth. This way provides many livelihoods for others and can produce great impacts for families and communities.

Real Estate Syndication is a proven method for becoming a passive investor. It is a way to transition from a person who trades their time for money to someone who allows their money to work for them, to trade their money for time. With a tailored plan, this dream can become a reality. Please join our email list to learn how you can become a passive investor in an apartment syndication.